Mountaintop Tactical Solutions is affiliated with Mountaintop Gun Works and with The Gun Shop at MacGregor's, LLC located in Lake Luzerne, NY.  We are an Authorized Training Partner with Distributed Security, Inc. and the Defense Academy and we now have Certified Firearms Instructors through Distributed Security, Inc.  We are now providing personal Combative Firearms Training for Handgun, with Rifle and Shotgun use as well as instruction in Individual, Team and Unit Tactics to follow soon.

Our business model has always been focused on the best interests of the customers and this will be a further extension of that company policy - to provide the best personal combative firearms instruction available today.  If you are new to firearms and just looking for basic instruction or if you are an experienced gun owner, we can provide that.  We can help you develop your individual skills and also develop a defense plan with training for your community, school, church, business or neighborhood watch group.  

You can learn more about the Pulse O2DA Firearms Training and get a free five day trial  at the Distributed Security On-line Academy by clicking the banner to the right.

Watch this page for further developments and news!

We now have Tier 4 Certified Firearms Instructors available for personal handgun training!  Contact us for more information!

Please Note - If you previously sent us an email and did not receive a reply, please resend your message and we would be glad to help you out.  Thank you!